We have been working with an organisation called Push Doctor for several months. They offer Video consultations with A GP either ‘on the day’ or planned ahead. We are able to offer a limited number of Push Doctor consultations most days.

Feedback from our patients who have consulted with Push Doctor is very positive. We recognise this won’t suit everyone, but this option may really work for some. If you feel your concern may lend itself to a video consultation, then please feel free to add this to your Klinik form. This format works particularly well for those with a new urgent feeling problem and may be really useful for those who struggle to get to appointments within the working day. We recognise that ‘continuity’ ( the option of seeing your usual GP or someone who knows your background ) is important for some patients – for some patients at sometimes it may feel more important to see a GP rather than a particular GP.

Our triaging GP will assess all appointment request as usual and will suggest a Push Doctor appointment if that seems appropriate. Patients would then be sent a link to set up an appointment (unfortunately we can’t make an appointment for you because of sharing information etc – but actually choosing your own appointment lets you pick a time that works for you, etc)