You are currently prescribed a SGLT-2 (dapagliflozin, empagliflozin) medication. We have been advised to contact patients on this medication to warn about a rare complication called Fournier’s gangrene. We hope the following information will be of help.

Fournier’s gangrene is a rare and serious bacterial infection that affects the genitals, perineum, and/or rectum. If you are taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor, it is important to be aware of the potential risk of developing Fournier’s gangrene. Here are some tips to help prevent and manage this condition:

  • Be vigilant for symptoms of Fournier’s gangrene, such as severe pain and swelling in the affected area, redness and discoloration of the skin, and fever.
  • If you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Fournier’s gangrene is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment with antibiotics and surgery.
  • Practice good hygiene, including keeping the affected area clean and dry.
  • If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar levels under control. High blood sugar can make it more difficult for your body to fight off infections.
  • If you develop a urinary tract infection or other infection while taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor, be sure to let your doctor know.
  • If you develop recurrent UTIs or other infections while taking SGLT-2 inhibitors, discuss with your doctor the possibility of switching to another diabetes medication.
  • Make sure to follow the prescribed treatment plan and complete the course of antibiotics as directed.

It is important to note that the risk of developing Fournier’s gangrene while taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor is very low, but if you have any concerns, please contact York Medical Group